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Black Cabs London:

The primary hackney-carriage licenses date back to 1662, back when they were still essentially carriages! The horse-drawn carriages worked for over two centuries until the overview of motorized vehicles. In the opening, only 400 licenses were released. This perimeter rose to 700 in 1694 before lastly being eliminated in 1832.

The first motorized taxicabs were nicknamed ‘Hummingbirds’ due to the sound they made and rapidly flooded the city, replacement horse-drawn carriages. The last horse-drawn hackney carriage stopped service in London in 1947!

The Knowledge of London:

They say the assessment to become a London cabby, The Information, is the most problematic test in the world. It’s hard to contend with that. London is included in over 25,000 streets, and not only does a black cab driver essential to know each of these streets, but they also need to distinguish every restaurant, café, hotel, and place of attention on each one! The queries can be so precise, it has been recorded that one driver was asked to name the site of a 1-foot-tall statue of two mice eating cheese. The studies it takes to improve ‘’The Knowledge’’ and to pass the exam has been likened to task a degree in Medicine. It can frequently take years and 1,000s hours to accomplish. Once the test has been approved, newly fit cabbies are commonly recognized as ‘’butter boys’’. Fancy becoming a Black Cabs London driver?

London Sightseeing Tour:

Our Classic Black Cabs London Sightseeing Tour covers all the top ‘must see’ sites and is an excessive one to start with.  The City of London was once an enclosed city that the Romans built during their job here. It was built to keep the citizens of Londinium safe from any tribal rebellion, a kind of Roman Lockdown.  On this tour, your practice will be fastened with lots of royalty, splendor, and fun.  Plus, a full explanation of what you are sighted and plenty of photo chances to share on your social media.

One very singular element of all our tours is that they are custom built around you. We are capable Tour Guides and have the flexibility and the acquaintance to participate with our customers. For instance, if you have younger members traveling with you. We can take in some well-known Harry Potter filming locations along the way or take you on a step-by-step drive of how the Great Fire of London started and how it advanced through the city – whatever your benefits or requirements. We can tailor your tour to suit.

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