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Account Booking Service

  •  If there’s a non-account booking, The Official Black Cab Company will act as an intermediary between the driver and the customer. The Official Black Cab Company offers booking to the driver, and when they accept it, a contract will be made between the customer and the driver. The contact will be subject to all the terms and conditions.
  • For the driver that is taking you towards your destination, you will pay the driver either through cash, or through the The Official Black Cab Company ’ credit card payment procedure.
  • There is no VAT on non-account bookings. However, if the driver carrying out your booking is VAT registered, VAT will be charged along with the fare.
  • For card payments, The Official Black Cab Company will send an email confirmation/receipt to the customer for the booked journey amount that is quoted by us before the journey starts. If there are any extra charges that fall in accordance with these terms, The Official Black Cab Company will send the final receipt to the customer within 5 days of the particular journey, outlining all additional charges

Booking Cancellation & Confirmation

  • All accepted bookings are confirmed right at the time of the booking by several methods. These include SMS, email, verbal confirmation, or through the application. The customer will be held liable for any applicable charges incurred from the time when the vehicle is assigned to the booking till the completion of the journey.
  • If the customer chooses to cancel the ride, the customer will have to pay the cancellation charges.


  • Prices are fixed on the basis of distance, pickup and drop off location. Minimum price is set for any booking. The price includes the average cost of pre-booking the taxi along with the charges of driving to the pickup point and the potential revenue forgotten by the driver while ensuring their availability at the pre-booked time. In such circumstances, the journey cost can be higher than the metered fare for the equivalent street-hail journey, especially for journeys that aren’t too long.
  • If the account customers are offered a mileage-based fixed price, this price will depend on the quickest journey to the destination instead of the shortest.
  • Prices are provided automatically if booking is made through web or application.
  • The Official Black Cab Company has the right to review and modify prices at any time and will inform customers if there’s any change from the written quotation.

Waiting Time Charges

  • For non-airport pickups- no waiting time charges will be incurred if the passenger enters the booked vehicle within 5 minutes of the booking.

  • if the passenger is unable to enter the booked vehicle within the 5 minutes duration, they will be charged for every minute past the booked pickup time.

Airport Pickup Bookings

  • For airport pickups, the customer has to provide the right flight number and origin airport. The driver will be present before the flight arrives, and will park their car in the short-term car park, wait in the hall for the passengers, and have a name board on which the passenger’s name is written.

  • Short-term car park cost will be charged to the passenger.

  • The driver will keep track of the flight arrival time and give passenger a maximum of 30 minutes to cross the customs.

  • The customer can enter a note while booking if they don’t want the driver to come before the flight lands, if they choose to have a waiting time of more than 30 minutes. However, if the flight is delayed in such instances, driver will revert to the standard pick up time of 30 minutes after the flight arrival time.


The Official Black Cab Company Transfers offers various types of taxis. However, all these options are subject to availability. The company will always try to provide you the requested taxi, but also has the right to change to another option with adequate capacity for the number of passengers and luggage specified in the booking.

Cancellation Charges

100% cancellation charges will be incurred if the booking is cancelled after the vehicle is already on route to the pickup, or if cancelled before 60 minutes before the booked pickup time.

Trian Strikes

If during trian strikes you book with London black cab transfers we will revert to the no refund policy from the time and date of your booking.

Soilage Charge

If the passenger soils the vehicle, the ‘soiling charge’ will be applied that may go up to £

Obligations Fulfilled By The Customer

The customer agrees to:

• pay all the charges for the services they have used.

• not use The Official Black Cab Company for any unlawful or illegal purpose and have to comply with all the applicable terms.

• Not abuse or disrespect any The Official Black Cab Company employees, staff, or other customers.

• Not use alcohol while in the car.

• To be completely responsible for all the luggage at all times.

• Ensure that they wear the seatbelt at all times.

• To pay damages or indemnify The Official Black Cab Company against any claims that arise due to breach of these terms and conditions.

• To be liable for the cancellation fee if they cancel a booking outside the allotted time

• To be liable for any soilage or damage caused to the vehicles by the passengers

Extent Of The Official Black Cab Company ’ Liability

1 The Official Black Cab Company will not be liable if the journey duration or pickup time exceeds the given time for any reason, neither will the company be liable to the customer for the time the customer failed to reach the destination.

2 The Official Black Cab Company will not be liable for any damage, loss, or claims incurred by the customer for any event or occurrence that is outside of the reasonable control of the company. However, if the driver’s recklessness results in personal injury or death of the passenger, the company will be held liable.

3 the customer has to ensure that any valuable or other items are covered by appropriate insurance.

4 The Official Black Cab Company will not be accountable for cancelling a booking, if the company has done its best to fulfill the booking and to notify the customer of the cancellation. In such instances, the company might, with the consent of the customer, arrange for an alternative transport provider to fulfill the booking.

5 if the customer has any complaint, they must notify The Official Black Cab Company within 10 days of the date of the particular journey.

Use Of Application and The Website

  • The Official Black Cab Company can revise these terms of use any time. The company can also update the website and change the content on the website. However, if any content on the website is old, the company is in no obligation to update it.
  • The company does not guarantee error-free content on the website
  • The Official Black Cab Company has the right to make any content unavailable, discontinue, change, or withdraw any part of the website without prior notice. The company will not be liable for to provide any reasoning for content unavailability on the website.
  • The customer is responsible for arranging how they will access the website, and be aware of the terms and comply with them
  • Customer should have their own virus protection software.
  • The customer should not misuse the website by intentionally brining any viruses or malware that may be harmful.
  • Customer must not also be attempt to gain unauthorized access to the website
  • The Official Black Cab Company has no control over the content of third parties or links given to other websites by third parties. These links are to provide information only.
  • The customer must not try to reverse engineer the application or any other technology.

Changes To these Terms and Conditions

The Official Black Cab Company can changes these terms and conditions at any time and put up a new version on the website, after which all the bookings will be subject to new terms.

Intellectual Property Ownership

  • These terms and conditions do not make up a sale. Moreover, these terms do not convey any rights of ownership in regards to the website, the application, or the services or any intellectual property rights owned by The Official Black Cab Company
  • The name, logo and the product names attached with the app and services of The Official Black Cab Company are its trademarks. There is no right or license granted to use them other than to use our services according to the terms and conditions.

Account Termination

  • Business accounts can be terminated by either the party; this will be done in writing on 30 days’ notice at any time, or it will be terminated with immediate effect by The Official Black Cab Company without notice, if the amount isn’t paid by the customer.
  • If the company finds that the customer has breached these terms and conditions, we will suspend your access to the services at any time without notice.
  • If the account is terminated, any or all sums payable to The Official Black Cab Company , or otherwise showing on the customer’s account, will be immediately due and fully payable.


If any of the mentioned terms and conditions are found to be unlawful, illegal or invalid, that particular point will be deleted and the remaining terms will not be impacted.

Third Party Rights

No rights can arise with regards to these terms and conditions to any individual who isn’t a party to them.

Applicable Law

The laws and regulations of England and Wales apply to these terms and conditions. Any dispute about the provision of services by The Official Black Cab Company will be subject to the particular jurisdiction of the courts of Wales and England.

Data Protection

  • The Official Black Cab Company will always protect and respect your privacy. The company is the data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • Any personal or company information provided by the customer through call, website, or application for the booking will be safeguarded.
  • Any correspondence or transactions will be recorded and saved for future transactions between the customer and The Official Black Cab Company
  • Calls made to The Official Black Cab Company may be recorded for training and quality purposes.
  • Website and application collects cookies to differentiate customers on the platforms. However, the customer can block cookies by activating the setting on their browser.
  • The Official Black Cab Company leverages location-tracking technology. We may collect and process any information about your current location if you use one of our location-enabled services.
  • The data and all information is saved on secure servers with encrypted backups.

Privacy and Cookies

  • The Official Black Cab Company will never disclose customer information to anyone, unless required by any law or regulatory body.
  • Customer’s personal information is used to provide the company’s services to the customer and for internal purposes as well. This information helps in informing the customer about any updates or changes. Moreover, it also helps in contacting the customer wherever needed
  • The Official Black Cab Company will never reveal any personal information to people outside of the company. However, the information may be shared as a whole along with anonymous data where the customer’s data may be present, with the third parties. That said, The Official Black Cab Company will take all the necessary steps to guarantee that the customer’s data is always secure and in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • All data and replications are regularly backed and encrypted. However, the transmission of information through the intranet is never completely safe, unfortunately. This is why we can’t guarantee the security of your transmitted data to our site or application; all data transmission are at your own risk.

For any journey that is paid through the credit card, you must know that The Official Black Cab Company will carry out the pre-authorization checks on the credit card. If the checks fail, the company reserves the right to not provide you with the services.

Trian Strikes

If during trian strikes you book with The Official black cab Company we will revert to the no refund policy from the time and date of your booking.

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